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Poliempreende is a project of the network of polytechnic higher education institutions that aims to promote entrepreneurship of business vocation. Since 2003 that has been growing in partnership has provoked the development of entrepreneurial skills and skills, changing the mindset, and promoting the creation of projects of business vocation. More than an entrepreneurship contest, Poliempreende is today an example of entrepreneurship education methodology in higher education with results given.
This is the platform for project management and competition Poliempreende and its online training.

Here, ideas and business plans are entered and the entrepreneurship contest is being run. Register, propose your idea and present your team that after expiration allows you to have access to support in the creation of your business plan.

Here, one can attend the training in e-learning created under Poliempreende to support the development of the business plan. There are free courses (moocs) and other courses from the different partner entities to which you can register.

In the Poliempreende Marketplace and housed the projects of business vocation proposed by each partner entity looking for investors and / or business partners and thus create your company and develop your project.

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Poliempreende Partnership
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